Biofeedback training in a new version!


Animated graphics for biofeedback


IMAGINE INFINITY is a unique series of biofeedback training materials designed with the help of artificial intelligence. With its unique character, Imagine Infiniti is not only a workout, but also a stimulating experience. The materials are full of vivid colors and unparalleled compositions that engage the attention and are a great tool for the biofeedback therapist.

Advantages of biofeedback boards

  • high image quality in HD 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • original and surprising eye-catching compositions
  • wide range of board styles
  • slow-moving graphics enable fixation on the object
  • possibility to combine boards and add sound files
  • countless possibilities for personalizing Biofeedback training

Technical requirements

  • BioGraph Infinity software version 6.8.2 or later
  • Infiniti system: ProComp 2, ProComp5, ProComp Infinity, FlexComp


How to work with IMAGINE INFINITY?

IMAGINE INFINITY – new possibilities in biofeedback therapy

Have you wondered how to enrich biofeedback training with new materials?
We offer you a new approach to neurofeedback. We encourage you to read the article, in which the author discusses the importance of learning theory and the use of multimedia in therapy as effective feedback. Get ready for a fascinating journey into the world of neurofeedback and its advanced techniques.

Set of reactive boards
for biofeedback training

Price list

  • 60 sets of boards
  • 900 FULL HD graphics
  • 30 thematic categories
  • perpetual license
  • unlimited access

Price 779 PLN

Biomed Neurotechnologie

Biomed Neurotechnologie, a company born out of a passion for the latest advances in neuromodulation, neuropsychology, psychophysiology and pedagogy, has been revolutionizing the Polish medical and psychological technology market since 2007. Our efforts are focused on creating solutions that not only support therapy and research, but also create the future of mental health.

We are distributors of hardware and software from world-leading manufacturers such as Thought Technology, MediTech, Neuroelectrics, MAGSTIM-EGI, SR-RESEARCH, ARTINIS. We go beyond the boundaries of conventional medicine by providing training in Biofeedback, EEG/QEEG, Warnke Method therapy, Sensomotorics, tDCS and other innovative therapeutic methods.



She loves fantasy lands, creates highly artistic visions of fairy tale worlds, and specializes in adventure, art and women’s themes. Her authors include: UnderWorld – Underwater World, Young Indiana or Jungle World, but also manga-style fashion themes.


In his daily life he is more involved in music than in graphic design activities. AI has opened up new possibilities for him and unleashed layers of imagination. He experiments a lot. His works include Egypt, Wild East, but also DaVinci Cars and Fantasy Adventures.


His work combines technology and nature to create works that bring the mind to life. His passion for music and sports gives energy and dynamism to his artistic exploration. His work includes Futuristic Vehicles, Robots, Animals Sports, Trains, Superhero, among others.

FAQ – frequently asked questions


„IMAGINE INFINITY” is a series of biofeedback graphics created in collaboration with Thought Technology, a leader in the field of biofeedback. The graphics are inspired by artificial intelligence and are customized for the Infiniti system. The series includes 60 sets of training multimedia materials, each consisting of 12-15 images that change every 10 seconds. These graphics create an unforgettable high-resolution slideshow.

„IMAGINE INFINITY” is a journey into a unique world of imagination, full of fantasy, futuristic visions and fascinating characters. Each graphic is a carefully selected combination of various themes, designed to stimulate the imagination and open the mind to new areas. The series is designed to help users relax, concentrate and discover their full potential through advanced biofeedback technology.

2. What is biofeedback?

Biofeedback is a process that allows people to learn to control certain bodily functions with feedback (feedback) on those functions. Using biofeedback, exercisers, adults and children, can learn to manage their bodies and minds to improve health and performance.

3. How does biofeedback work?

During a biofeedback session, sensors attached to the body measure various physiological functions, such as heart rate, breathing, skin temperature, muscle tension, and brain waves (EEG). This data is then presented in the form of easy-to-understand graphics or sounds, allowing the person to understand how his or her body reacts to stress or relaxation and learn to control those reactions.

4. What is EEG Biofeedback (Neurofeedback)?

EEG Biofeedback, also known as Neurofeedback, is a specific type of biofeedback that focuses on brain waves. During a neurofeedback session, EEG (or electroencephalogram) sensors are placed on the scalp to measure brain activity. This data is then used to create training programs that help regulate brain activity and improve the ability to focus, manage stress, regulate emotions and other aspects of health and performance.

5. How is IMAGINE INFINITY different from other multimedia biofeedback materials like games and videos?

IMAGINE INFINITY differs from other multimedia biofeedback materials mainly in its speed of stimulus presentation and focus on minimizing distractors. Unlike traditional forms of biofeedback, such as movies or games, which deliver many different stimuli at once, IMAGINE INFINITY presents homogeneous, slow-moving images-animations that allow attention to be focused on a single task. In addition, IMAGINE INFINITY, through slowly changing images, increases fixation time, which can be crucial in the treatment of ADHD patients.

6. Can I use IMAGINE INFINITY on a single laptop?

Yes, IMAGINE INFINITY can be used both on a single laptop and with an additional monitor connected.



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